Whatever the weather

A good while a go I heard a TV comic making fun of the tagline “xxx sponsors Weathernews on Channel yyy. Whatever the weather”. Well, yes, that figures. Can you imagine the effort that would go into sponsoring sunshine only? Contract clauses, forecasting ….

More recently, I’ve noticed TV weather experts saying things like: “And for those who like it cooler, by next Thursday we are likely to see temperatures of 16 degrees”. Is cold weather only of interest to those who like it? No one else needs a warm jacket?

On the other hand a) these things package the key point (“xxx is a generous sponsor, buy our product”; “it is going to get cooler) attractively b) a bald statement would be boring and c) most people just extract that key point and don’t analyse the wording. However, I can’t help wondering: just how little actual content (okay, call it “common sense”) does TV and magazine copy need to have in order to carry a marketing-type message/message with short-term relevance?

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