Old dog, new tricks?

I attended the ITI ScotNet Workshop on 4 June. Energetic and convincing speaker Judy Jenner was enthusiastic about Twitter – me, I signed up for an account probably years ago and have never once used it. I listened to that part of her speech with what I thought was just academic interest.

So why have I just tweeted for the first time, against all expectation on my part?

Simple answer – Judy’s information that blogs could be linked to other social networking sites  (which I suppose I knew, but somehow personal info is so much more effective for me than website info) gave me an easy way in. So after struggling somewhat to find the right tab, I linked with twitter on WordPress, which redirected me to my twitter account, I tweeted and here I am back to tell the tale.

The moral of the story? Let’s see. I don’t think it is “never attend ScotNet workshops”. But there are others:

1) Energetic positive persuasion works wonders

2) An oldie but a very, very important goodie – it helps to look at apparent barriers from a new angle

3) It feels good to keep up with the times.

And maybe, just maybe, it will help me to keep my blog up to date. I can’t believe my last post was in February, I’ve been doing a lot of things worth talking about (IMOH).

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