Flying visit to Edinburgh

As always, a great visit to the Scottish group and a lot of enterprising ideas coming from the audience.

The drive to get more direct clients did make me think, though. Not about anything desperately new: it just seems such a pity that a profession most people in it love is being ruined by some players’ low prices. And it is a spiral, because the good payers may then feel they are being mugs by paying good rates, whereas in fact they should be proud of acknowledging value for money.

No one doubts that the work providers themselves are under pressure. In an industry with a few large suppliers rather than a multitude of little ones they would also be in a better position to “open their books” and reveal exactly what they need from us in order to do their work – and would also be in a better position to offer a quid pro quo. The organisational difficulties in our industry are immense.

But one thing is for sure: few people (if any) can run a classy business and offer high class to the end customer if they operate a low-cost policy.

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