Last 2 questions

Two questions remained about direct clients:

What prices could I realistically charge?

What are the other benefits?

As to the first, it should probably be dealt with in detail at the meeting in Edinburgh, but my rule of thumb is this: if I reckon my rate to agencies is about standard, then I would double that rate and deduct a bit (according to gut feel) for direct clients. Rationale: you are delivering most of what an agency does, but not quite all because you are not a one-stop shop, the agency may (should) proof read your work normally etc. etc. An agency that is doing all the typesetting and layout will charge a lot more than double for the end product, I should think.

Other benefits – everyone will have his or her own list. However, you have more likelihood of being able to ask questions properly and get real feedback and discussion, which means you know more, feel more competent and probably contribute more to the client as well as getting more back. It depends on whether you are working for a smallish business and are their non-resident expert, or whether you are one of several freelancers working with their translation department, of course.
It’s the same old story: the benefits are basically the same as with a good translation company, I suppose, but maybe the ratio of good ‘uns to bad ‘uns is higher with the direct clients? Discuss!

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